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Reduce your water bills by up to 25%.

No matter your property size, your water bills are likely higher than you’d like them to be — and water costs are only going to keep climbing.

We understand how much pressure water costs can put on your property’s budget. That’s why our premium irrigation services include an internal irrigation staff crew. We can attend to irrigation emergencies the day they happen and give you same-day service, saving you time and money.

Irrigation has an extremely high return on investment. If you upgrade your system with a new smart controller, retrofit some of your system components (like heads and drip lines) or calibrate your property’s irrigation into zones, you can recoup the cost of an irrigation system through your savings in anywhere from two to five years.

Irrigation through Reliable Care gives you access to:

  • System design & installation
  • Proactive maintenance visits
  • System repairs & upgrades
Reliable Care’s work is reliable, above average and meticulous to detail. Due to the many positive comments received from residents and board members, I would recommend them as a preferred contractor.

Leona, Property Manager — ICC Property Management

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