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Tapestry has been a customer of Reliable Care Premium Landscapes for 16 years. The site has been maintained by the same dedicated senior gardener for its entire contract along with a skilled turf care crew which visits the site weekly.

Tapestry is known not only by its residents — but by the entire community — for having one of the most spectacular gardens in the neighbourhood! The site has won several awards over the years for its stunning landscapes, including a Landscape Ontario Award of Excellence in 2018.

The site is small (under two acres) but is surrounded by 15 different garden beds on two levels which include two special features — a front turtle fountain and lower courtyard waterfall.

In 2018, the Reliable Care team proposed to Tapestry that they renovate their lower courtyard area. Our landscape designer incorporated extra-large fine ornamental cast stone imported from England and the United States to set the scene and create a special sanctuary for residents. The team had to hand-assemble and parge the planters on site, adding irrigation and finishing with annual plant material. Over 300 boxwoods were installed to create an instant hedge. The high proportion of evergreens were utilized to ensure all-season interest and immediate impact. A fine-detail cedar pergola was built to support trailing wisteria vines, creating a picture frame effect in the large rear window that residents view the courtyard through when entering the building.

Due to the location of the lower courtyard, construction was a challenge for the Reliable Care team. We had to excavate soil by hand and transport soil by wheelbarrow up the parking garage ramp, as no machines or trucks would fit. All plant material also had to be transported one-by-one in single wheelbarrows down a parking ramp.

Residents were very pleased with their reclaimed space. Whether they are outside or inside, in the pool or parking garage, residents now have a space that they can enjoy all year long!

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