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Gates of Guildwood

Gates of Guildwood is a premier condominium community in Scarborough that sits on thirteen acres of spectacular, extensive gardens and vistas.

The property is situated wonderfully, with gorgeous views of the surrounding area, including Lake Ontario and the majestic Scarborough Bluffs.

Reliable Care has worked with Gates of Guildwood for the past 14 years – with the same full-time gardener – to create an oasis for its residents and visitors. With annual flower displays that are the envy of other properties, both residents and property management trusts our expertise for their grounds to always look pristine.

Our gardener, along with a dedicated grass crew of three, faithfully work as a team to make this entire property look spectacular for the residents. They do whatever they can to ensure that the customer only sees a property that is flawless and perfectly manicured. The team and management are always proactive with site issues and work closely with the property manager and garden committee to gather resident feedback and make recommendations for site improvements. The gardens are a true place of joy for residents to explore any time of day!

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