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Discovery Place

Discovery Place has been a client since Reliable Care's inception 30 years ago! Our team cares for the property all year, including ice and snow management in the winter months. The gardens at Discovery Place have won multiple awards and distinctions over the years, including the 2018 Pickering Blooms award.

Discovery Place is a huge property that spanns over ten acres. It requires attention to detail and a strong sense of time management for the gardener that maintains the property forty hours per week. This skilled gardener cares for 50 flowering beds, 26 planters and 4 hanging baskets! The annual flowers are carefully designed and selected by our Head Gardener each year and are planted by our groundskeeping crew of over 20 people. It is truly a group effort by the Reliable Care team!

The gardener, along with a weekly visit from a three person turf care crew, ensure details are not forgotten and the residents are happy. Over the years, the team has completed several renovations, big and small, to help keep the property looking its best.

The property also invests in fiesta weed control applications which helps the turf to look healthy and weed free. The amount of work that goes into maintaining a property of this size really cannot be underestimated. When you are on the property, residents feel as though they are truly in a special place or a vacation resort!

Reliable Care is our landscaping company and has been for almost 25 consecutive years. Reliable Care understands the need to provide excellence and value to our property, and exceeds our expectations. Reliable Care ensures Discovery Place is an award-winning property. They have the ability to handle projects, from the design phase through to completion, with expertise and professionalism. They work with you to establish a vision of what is possible. Reliable Care is the right choice if you are looking for the very best in landscape management.

Trevor, Property Manager — Durham Condominium Corporation

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